After exploring the theme of immigrants in the artwork and living the life of immigrant partially too, what all the time stroke me as the most fascinating and most tragic part of the story was the road. The immigrants on the way to USA or Europe need to cross the desert, cross the sea, run from the border control. In these situations they are as fragile as little figures made of cotton and wood crossing vast areas. I created these figures using natural materials and filmed them continually in different locations – mostly natural environments in USA, Portugal, Spain and Slovakia. The result is a movie that is a mixture of fiction, documentary and animation. The installation consists of table filled with sand, where a movie is projected on big billboard structure. Both projection and projector bocemes part of the landscape, as this projection of bright future is the driving force for immigrants journey.
Long Long Road, plywood, wood, sand, cotton figures,
projector, 120 x 200 x 150 cm, 2012

long long road final.mp4 from flying fish on Vimeo.